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"Wow... definitely the next generation of biblio systems!" – Alison Jones

Bibliocloud is an award-winning, cloud-based system for book publishers.

It automates vast swathes of the publishing process so you can
focus on creativity and growth.

Metadata, production, contracts, rights, royalties, marketing,
project management, and data exchange.

Bibliocloud is the system you've been looking for.

We'll give you the insight and control you
need to grow the business.

Bibliocloud lifts the burden of metadata, production, rights & royalties administration -- so book publishers can get on with publishing books.

Why Bibliocloud?

You know only too well what sort of system you need to get your company organised, productive and growing.

Here's why we'll make a great team:

More complete

Built for the future

Bibliocloud is a complete publishing solution, designed & built to power the future of modern book publishing and to underpin your growth.

Built from real-world experience

We've grafted in the trenches of publishing for over a decade, day in, day out. We know what it's really like. Our hard-won knowledge of how to get books to market, and selling, is baked in to Bibliocloud.

Everything in one place

All data, all workflow in one place. Editorial, production, sales, PR, marketing, rights, your finance controller and your supply chain partners use the same single source of the truth.


Bibliocloud isn’t a mere data store: it is usable, accessible, beautiful and intuitive. It takes away the drudge, protects you from error and leaves you more time to publish.


Result: the outside world notices your data quality, timeliness and creativity; your authors appreciate your competence; you ditch the firefighting and get some actual work done, fueled by data-driven insights, clear planning and metrics.

More modern

A web native

Bibliocloud is the only web-native enterprise publishing software. You access it anywhere, anytime, from any device and use it intuitively, like any good web site.

Data transfer as standard

Built to reflect the modern publishing landscape and the proliferation of products and sales channels, Bibliocloud supports you throughout the publishing process by making your data available in whatever format you need it, for third party partners and internal systems.

Scalable, secure, reliable

Using the same framework as Twitter and Facebook, Bibliocloud is a cloud-hosted solution built on the best technology stack available.

Zero down-time code deployment

We update our code little and often, adding tiny interface improvements and major new features without any disruption or cost to our users.

Future proof your business

Bibliocloud is the perfect blend of modern yet proven and established web development technologies. Our competition uses old, proprietary technology. Are you prepared for the upgrade disruption and cost when they try to play catch-up?

More excellent


Bibliocloud is the winner of the Futurebook Best Technology Innovation Award 2013 and proud vendors to Osprey Publishing, Quercus, Unbound, Oberon, And Other Stories, Inpress and more.

Fed up of being ignored by your software partner?

Obsessive attention to your needs, continuous improvement based on your feedback and a crack development team have made Bibliocloud an unrivalled product. We've built our software based on our clients' feedback: it's gold dust to us.

Fed up of being charged for everything?

No mounting costs for additional modules: our simple per-user price gives you complete functionality at a fraction of the cost of our competitors -- with far greater accessibility, beauty and responsiveness. Every customer’s input, ideas and best practices benefit the entire Bibliocloud user community -- we don't charge for feature development that helps us to build Bibliocloud into the best publishing management solution available, bar none.


Arts Council England
£ FREE forever

If you are managed by ACE-supported sales and marketing agency Inpress Books you are eligible.

  • Cross-browser, all devices
  • Support & data migration
  • Secure data storage
Dedicated system
£ 35 Per User/Month

Your own database, your own URL, your own installation -- you'll have your own hosting costs but it's super-affordable for 10+ users. Ask for details.

  • Cross-browser, all devices
  • All modules
  • Secure, private installation & database
Get a DEMO now
Shared hosting
£ 50 Per User/Month

Our standard license fee: the best value on the market by a long chalk.

  • Cross-browser, all devices
  • All modules
  • All secure hosting costs included
FREE month's trial
For information & pricing for support, bespoke installations, training, development & consultancy, or for a face-to-face demo, please get in touch.

In the weeks before you sign up to Bibliocloud, you'll do a lot of things for the last time. You might try to recall out-of-date bibliographic data from Amazon — for the last time. You’ll spend your last day doing repetitive data-entry spreadsheet work. You’ll complete your final batch of copying and pasting bibliographic data. You’ll do your last Book Fair rights guide by hand, your last manual royalty run, your last Word document contract. You’ll type your last title verso page. You’ll manually pull together your last title-level profit and loss report. You’ll laboriously typeset and re-typeset your last catalogue and you’ll paste data for the last time into your AI template. . . Read more in our brochure "

Click the image to preview or download The Bibliocloud Book -- our extensive manual, user guide and publishing bible rolled into one magnificent tome.
(It's a work in progress, but we thought we'd share it as we go along) ->