26 November

We are hiring

We're excited to announce that we're hiring!

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25 October

Monthly updates

We send out a monthly email to our clients, updating them on the new things, improvements and priorities that we've worked on that month. No reason why we shouldn't put this on the blog, we thought. So here's the backlist, as it were: the last five months of in-depth updates from us, June to October 2015.

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05 October


So we're off to Frankfurt next week. We've been so busy recently that I'm putting it down under "lovely relaxing holiday". That may not come to pass.

If you're heading over there yourself and fancy a catch up, it'd be lovely to see you. Drop me a line (emma@bibliocloud.com) if you want to meet up.

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09 August


The behaviour of first_or_create can be a bit of a gotcha.

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25 July

Try Programming

Publishers! Ever wanted a go at programming? Now's your chance!

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21 June

Training days

Our first communal training day in Thame went very nicely. So nicely, in fact, that we're going to repeat it monthly, with each training day focussing on a particular area of interest. One of the nice side-effects of our first day -- all about metadata, catalogues and exports -- was that Bibliocloud users got to talk to each other, and share ideas. I hope that our next days are as full of warmth and good ideas as the first.

So I'm pleased to say the next two days are confirmed: Royalties ...

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08 April

London Book Fair: big week!

Next week is the London Book Fair at Olympia: here's what we'll be up to and where you can see us.

Monday is the Digital Minds conference, and I'll be speaking twice:

1) Branching Out: New Publishing Models
'The fast developing realm of businesses experimenting with new publishing models will also be explored in ‘Branching Out’, an event curated by independent consultant Alison Jones. On this panel Anna Lewis of Valobox, Bibliocloud’s Emma Barnes, Robin Cutler from Ingram S...

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04 April

Bibliocloud's Actual Launch

On January 1st this year, I thought "Right, well I'd better lift my head from this here laptop for the first time in years and see if anyone wants to have a conversation with me." See, Bibliocloud's been in development since April 2011 and in that time my entire focus has been on the code and on our few early clients with whom the system has grown up. But now, we're actually launching out of beta mode (on the first day of LBF, if you're going), and so in preparation for this I thought I'd pu...

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07 February

Understanding APIs: a guide for publishers

I don't know why I consider it my job to get people to understand web technology. Perhaps it's because I can see how useful and interesting it is. Perhaps it's because of how frustrating I find it to see the level of discussion about technology stop at buzzwords. Anyway, motivation aside, I wrote a piece for Bookmachine in which I explain in detail what an API is.

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06 February

Why switch to Bibliocloud?

Here's a handy one-pager PDF which explains the reasons why you should switch to Bibliocloud from the publishing management software you use at the moment.

You will likely save 40-50% of your spend on title management systems when you switch to us.

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15 January

Bibliocloud Shopify Integration: have a state of the art, revenue-generating, modern, beautifully-designed website for a tiny amount of money.

We're delighted to announce that Bibliocloud integrates seamlessly with Shopify, the leading ecommerce provider with more than 120,000 shops implemented worldwide. We think that Shopify is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise fairly dismal market. Publishers often seem to have given up on making money from their websites, resigning themselves to having one because you "have to have a website", and treating it as a marketing spend, not a revenue generator.

What are the differences between...

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10 January

In which I compare a strategy document to an online dating profile. Free ebook, though!

If you're beady, you'll have seen on the home page a rather intriguing offer. It says:


This ebook started out as our own in-house strategic document. It describes the publishers that we know Bibliocloud can help the most. They're the publishers we most want to work with. Now we've decided to make this document freely available to our current and future customers. In the spirit of openness, we think it's useful for you to have an insight into what we're thinking, a...

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10 January

A non-technical, beginners' guide to ONIX for Books

The Bibliocloud Book is now published. It's a user manual for Bibliocloud, but it's also more than that: our distilled experience of over a decade of in-the-trenches publishing.

One of its sections explains ONIX for Books. I thought I'd share it here.

Download and read this and the rest of The Bibliocloud Book at http://bibliodocs.com/manual for free, in PDF, ePub and HTML. PDF's my favourite -- I managed to get the LaTeX styling to work and it looks lovely! (The book's various formats...

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10 January

Bibliocloud's product video script

You'll have seen the product video I recorded over Christmas. Watch it <a href="http://youtu.be/ShvgCYS8dPY">here</a> if you've missed it.

I thought I'd post its script here, in case you don't want to hear my dulcet tones! I normally just turn on the microphone and start jabbering on, but I soon found after about fifteen tries that things are a lot less awful if you actually figure out what you want to say in advance.

Because I'm a pro, I recorded the audio from under a duvet, to bloc...

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08 January

Festive adventures

Hope you had a very merry Christmas and your new year resolutions include sorting out your metadata! The festive period is always a great time to finish off big projects and get some actual work done. This is what we got up to over the holidays, in between spoonfuls of figgy pudding.

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