Learn how to use a spreadsheet template to import products

1. Add data to the product template to import

  • For each row in the spreadsheet template, complete one column or many.
  • Some identifying column headings are required, others can be deleted if that helps your workflow.
  • Required column heading to identify it as an import of products: Title.
  • Each row must have a title to be valid.

Note: Spreadsheets with unknown column names are rejected, so do not change or add column names.

New products only

A new product is created for each row in your spreadsheet. Currently, you cannot update existing products using the importer.

Each new imported product will automatically create a new work and a contract with the same name. If the product name and work name should not be the same, update the work name manually within the system after import.

Multiple new products for the same new work

If several products in your spreadsheet should belong to the same work (hardback, paperback and ebook, for example), use a matching same work identifier for each product. The same work identifier can be any set of characters that is unique within that column. You might choose one of the product’s ISBNs.

alt text

Imprint code

The imprint code is optional.

2. Product columns

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Edition number
  • ISBN
  • Same work identifier
  • Pub date
  • Publishing status
  • Product form
  • Imprint code
  • Main Thema
  • Main BIC subject

3. Product validations

Column Validations
BIC main code
  • Valid BIC code (accepts code only) View BIC codes on the Editeur website in a new window
  • Imprint code
  • Existing imprint code View imprint codes in a new window
  • ISBN
  • ISBN must be without hyphens
  • Publishing date
  • Correct format: must be YYYY-MM-DD for clarity. Without the separating dashes, dates can be misinterpreted: “20112012” could be 20 Nov 2012 or 20 Dec 2011
  • Makes sense with publishing status
  • Product form
  • Valid ONIX product form code like BB or DG. 00 Undefined or anything ending in A are disallowed as too generic View ONIX product form codes in a new window
  • Publishing status
  • Valid ONIX publishing status (accepts code, description or keywords OP or OOP), excluding: 00 Unspecified, 09 Unknown, 12 Recalled (deprecated), 16 Temporarily withdrawn from sale (requires additional fields) View ONIX publishing status codes in a new window
  • Makes sense with publication date
  • Thema main code
  • Valid Thema code (accepts code only) View Thema codes on the Editeur website in a new window
  • Column Autocorrections
    All fields
  • Any extra white space — multiple spaces, spaces at the beginning or end of data — is stripped out
  • ISBN
  • ISBN-10 converted to ISBN-13 for ONIX compliance
  • ISBN formatted for ONIX compliance
  • Product form
  • If not provided, automatically assign 00 Undefined
  • Publishing status
  • If not provided, but pub date is present, automatically assign: future dates to “02 - Forthcoming” status, past dates to “04 - Active” status.
  • If not provided and no pub date, automatically assign “00 - Unspecified”.
  • Title
  • Titles are de-prefixed. The Hobbit is stored with The as the title prefix and Hobbit as the title, for ONIX compliance
  • 4. More product bulk upload options

    Other product attributes are available to manage in bulk elsewhere in the system: