Transform your metadata

Earlier • More effective •
More complete • More accurate

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Filter and review upcoming titles with ease

Get an overview of the parts of your list that's relevant to you. Drill down into the detail when you need to.

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Get your metadata complete – quickly and easily

Bibliocloud has many ways to make metadata maintenance painless, such as plentiful links to let you jump straight to the right part of the system, and a dropdown list of the ISBN13 list you bought from Nielsen or Bowker to keep your ISBNs accurate automatically.

"I'm confident our metadata is good." Nick Judd, Pharmaceutical Press

Benefit from industry-leading guidance to get subject codes, keywords and other crucial details just right.

Bibliocloud presents industry advice on Thema, BIC and BISAC codes at the right time, in the right place, so you get the sales benefit of well-classified books.

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Keep the whole team informed about metadata updates and changes with Slack notifications.

Your data in one place, up-to-date and accessible, wherever you are.

Our peerless usability makes it easy for the whole team to update data as soon as it changes. And by empowering the publishing team to enter and export data to ever increasing standards of timeliness, completion, effectiveness and accuracy, your books are more discoverable and appealing, and sell more at higher prices.

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