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Bibliocloud is the game-changing system for publishers

A computer showing the Bibliocloud products page for leading science publisher IOP
Post It notes with handwriting: Did the pub date get moved? Check if ISBN fed out to Nielsen. Why has the manuscript delivery date slipped? Who was the editor and do we still have image rights?

The information your team needs in one convenient place

Are you fed up with the endless chase for information that comes from having too many sources of data – whether that's email, spreadsheets, documents, or a publishing system that doesn't meet your needs?

  • Chasing the latest version of pub dates, prices and covers is costing your team.
  • If your title count is growing, your team need business-critical data at their fingertips.
  • If you want to keep your backlist alive, you need historical data to hand – not buried in email.
  • And if you want to avoid the pain of lost sales thanks to data errors, you need the team to unite around one source of truth.

We've been there. That's why we built Bibliocloud.

We can help you resolve your data duplication and get set for growth. There is a better way...

Get your data into Bibliocloud

One beautiful, convenient system for your business-critical data.

So it's up-to-date, accurate and at your fingertips, wherever you are.

It's straightforward to import your data into Bibliocloud, and to update it once it's there. It means your team can work seamlessly, free to focus on the work that matters.

At last: your book data, in one convenient place


Automate your workflow

Once you start maintaining your data in Bibliocloud, you can radically decrease your workload by reusing it automatically:

  • Instant, auto-generated AI sheets
  • Spreadsheet exports of your products and contacts
  • Automated data feeds to your distributor and retailers
  • Contract templates
  • Royalty statement generation

As your title count increases, you'll really feel the benefits.

A screenshot of Zed Books website, fed by Bibliocloud's API
Automatic AIs produced by Bibliocloud

Transform your metadata

Fine-tune and optimise your all-important title data.

Bibliocloud's Thema codes page
Bibliocloud feeds websites ranging from Amazon to Shopify which are pictured on a mobile phone and browser

We're publishers, too.

We built Bibliocloud to meet our own needs as independent publishers, and we use it every day. With decades of combined experience in publishing, technology and change management, we get your business. We are your partners for the long term, uniquely placed to solve your problems.

We can price affordably because we use the right cloud-based technologies

We keep our costs competitive so that your whole team can have access to your "one version of the truth". And integrations with free services such as Slack mean even the most peripheral team member can access core data.

A GIF showing the user scrolling through the free Slack service, reporting on key changes in Bibliocloud such as pub date and price changes

And that's why we're recommended by publishers.

With over 40 clients across many sectors, Bibliocloud has become the insider's choice for the medium-sized publisher, nominated by our clients to win the GBS 'Services to Independent Publishers' Award at the IPG Awards 2017. Bibliocloud works best for growing teams of at least five users, since it is oriented towards helping publishers share information and workflow.

A sketch of the awards Bibliocloud has won

"Bibliocloud is a game-changer for us as a small publisher — it’s transformed how we manage our titles and our metadata. It’s so easy to use and does whatever we want it to do."
— IPG award nomination

"Bibliocloud's title management is great.
I don't know what I'd do without it."
Nick Judd, Pharmaceutical Press

"Custom reports are life-changing and work brilliantly!"
Anna @Unbounders

"Being able to export into custom reports for recipients who don't take ONIX is great."
Nick @pharmpress

"Bibliocloud offers an award-winning yet affordable publishing management system, a commitment to evolve as publishing demands evolve and a genuine sense of partnership."
Anthony Cond, MD, Liverpool University Press

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