Why's (poignant) Guide to Ruby

Poignant guide

For Brighton Ruby 2020, we published a new edition of this seminal book that means so much to so many in the Ruby community. A real labour of love, it produced similar response from the 300+ people who received a copy in the post during the 2020 pandemic.

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#SideProjectSummer 2020


Carve out time for coding! To get momentum on publishers' increasing enthusiasm for code, every Friday afternoon, May to August, we convene on Twitter to compare notes on our side projects. It's fantastic to see all the things people are doing with their growing technical literacy.

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If someone’s having to read your docs, it’s not “simple”, but technical documentation often resorts to words such as 'just', and 'simply', which can make for a frustrating read. We wrote a one-page website, justsimply.dev, to encourage documentation writers to look again at their language.

No programming is “painfully simple”.

FutureBook Day of Code

2019 Day of Code

In association with The Bookseller's FutureBook conference, we were thrilled to deliver a Day of Code, which demystified programming for the book trade. 40 delegates from bookselling and publishing wrote their own website from scratch in a day, using Ruby, Jekyll, HTML and CSS.

See the results on the Day of Code website

Publishers who code

Coding at Faber

We run occasional coding sessions and courses for organisations such as Book Machine, eLife Sciences, the London Book Fair, SYP, and universities. Often we make these free to attend. We announce such courses on Twitter. Contact us if you'd like us to quote for a private coding course for your organisation.

Publishers' advice bot


A cheerful and informative advice bot for book publishers. Say “help” to me, and I'll give you some invaluable publishing advice!

ONIX Ninja

Add complex price rules etc

ONIX augmentation for clients who are unable to move to Consonance but who need to augment the ONIX produced by their legacy systems, for ingestion into Coresource, or similar demanding third parties.


Railsgirls London

We are proud to be long-time coaches and speakers at RailsGirls London and encourage many publishers that we meet to apply, try Ruby and Rails, and become part of the super-friendly community. We've also volunteered at a number of other tech events for publishers and kids.

Supporting open source

Rubocop's Open Collective page

We donate to some of the open source code we rely on, such as Rubocop, via OpenCollective, and contribute to code where we can, such as the Lisbn rubygem, and the official Rails documentation.

Open Collective


Hate never welcome

Whether it's supporting paid internships, attending an anti-Trump demonstration, or pushing for corporates to support technical literacy in publishing, we are proud of our actions to make the world a bit better.

Read opinions on our blog

Talks, writing & hosting events

SYP's coding at the castle

We have a busy diary of events we run or contribute to throughout the year. Recent events include a coding seminar at the London Book Fair, BookMachine Unplugged, Byte the Book, Coding at the Castle for the Oxford SYP, the Pitch competition, and more.

Read about our past and future events on our blog

Conference attendance

Andy Croll's Brighton Ruby

We enjoy refining our skills by attending the best conferences about things we care about. For instance, we are annual attendees of Brighton Ruby and Bath Ruby.

Read our write up of Bath Ruby 2018

Component library

Our component library

This is a public collection of the building blocks that we use as we continue to improve Consonance. Just as Consonance gives its users “one source of truth” for their data, our component library provides us with “one source of truth” for some of the most key components in our code.

See our component library



As we mature and grow, we decided that the name 'Bibliocloud' was a bit late-nineties. So we rebranded, and learned a lot along the way.

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Style guide

Our style guide

We maintain a style guide for our brand. As part of that, we have a brand palette, with the colours based on our clients' wonderful books

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