Every Friday from noon, the General Products team work on personal projects. It's great for continuing professional development, and often our side projects are a handy sand pit to try out code approaches we use later in our production app.

Here are some of the projects we've produced between us, on Fridays and on our own time. (Each of these apps belong to the author, not General Products.)

Paint Pad

Andy Pearson

Paint Pad website

Paint Pad is a place to create, share and discover recipes for painting miniatures. Anyone, of any skill level, can write recipes that are useful to themselves and others. Never again will you forget how you painted the cloak that your warlord is wearing. The site was created by Andy Pearson, a person that got tired of typing 'Mechanicus Standard Grey'.


Sara O'Connor

Book Pen Pals website

BookPenPals pairs UK authors and illustrators with UK schools to make book recommendations once every half term in a postcard. Schools may send a postcard reply in return each time. The pen pal pairings last for one school year.

Make Our Book

Emma Barnes

Make Our Book website

Proper publishing for schools. Make Our Book is a web app used by schools to help their children become published authors.


David Aldridge


We needed triangles for our new brand materials. And so we wrote a triangles generator. This is a little piece of object-oriented code to generate lots of triangles.


Emma Barnes

Object-oriented knitting

Object-Oriented Knitting. Whilst knitting a little gingerbread man, it bugged me that the pattern was just a long list of instructions. Could it be refactored to be object-oriented?


Emma Barnes


Choose Your Own Presentation! A Rails app to allow the audience to choose the presentation they wanted at Byte the Book's first Confluence conference, curated by Michael Kowalski.


Emma Barnes


Snowbooks is our sister publishing company, founded by Emma and Rob, now in its 16th year. Snowbooks.com is a Jekyll app built using the Consonance API. Definitely buy some Snowbooks!


Emma Barnes

The website you're reading now is a React app, written on Side Project afternoons by Emma to develop her React knowledge, as well as to showcase some of our work. Built using Gatsbyjs, Arwes and Reactjs, hosted on Netlify.